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Trickle Up is committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our work. We hold one another financially and morally accountable for the achievement of our mission and the effective and efficient use of our resources. Trickle Up receives high marks by charity watchdog groups and publications, like Charity Navigator and the Independent Charities of America for its effectiveness.

We also work for a world in which all people have access to and control over the resources they need to lead lives of dignity—a world that recognizes this access as a right, not a privilege. Our vision is a world that has succeeded in reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty through the following: 

  • Service to the Very Poor: Trickle Up is dedicated to the complex and challenging work of serving very poor people (those living on less than a dollar a day), with special attention to women and people with disabilities who are disproportionately represented among them.

  • Trust in People: Trickle Up trusts in people and their ability to make a difference.

  • Results with Quality: Given the great number of people living in poverty, increasing scale is crucial to our mission. Trickle Up is committed to rigorous measurement of outcomes and continuous improvement of our program as we expand the number of people we serve, to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency for sustainable results for the people whom we serve.

  • Empowerment: Trickle Up knows that empowerment is a critical component of poverty reduction. We are committed to enabling very poor people to have greater power over their lives, and voices that command attention.

  • Participation and Partnership: Trickle Up has deep respect for the skills, experience and knowledge of all our stakeholders, starting with those living in extreme poverty themselves and the network of dedicated partner agencies around the world. We are committed to stakeholder participation in our work as a precondition to success.

  • Justice: As enshrined in the United Nations' 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, Trickle Up believes that all people have the right to a standard of living adequate to ensure their well-being. In solidarity with those living in extreme poverty, we work for justice.
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