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Founded in 1979, Trickle Up's mission is to help the lowest income people worldwide take the first steps up out of poverty by providing a Spark Grant as seed capital for their endeavors, business training, and relevant support services essential to the launch or expansion of a microenterprise.

Trickle Up believes in people and their capacity to make a difference. We empower the world's poorest people to develop their potential and strengthen their communities. We pursue this goal in a way that encourages innovation and leadership, maximizes resources and promotes communication and cooperation among all Trickle Up constituencies.



2011 Expenses

Sources of Revenue

2011 Sources of Revenue
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Trickle Up is committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our work. We hold one another financially and morally accountable for the achievement of our mission and the effective and efficient use of our resources. Our annual financial statements have been audited by Lutz & Carr Certified Public Accounts, LLP, an independent audit firm with substantial expertise in nonprofit accounting.

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