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Trickle Up’s Young Professionals Council Fundraiser on May 6, 2010 helped raise over $10,000 for the cause.

Our friend Christine threw an art auction fundraiser in Brooklyn, New York. She encouraged her artist friends to donate pieces, and gave all the proceeds from the auction to Trickle Up! (over $1500!!)

There are many ways to give, and volunteering is an important and meaningful way to support us with your skills and time. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities and learn about other ways to support Trickle Up's worldwide efforts to help people take their first steps out of poverty.

Young Professionals Council:

Visit TrickleUpYPC.org for the latest news!

Join our Young Professionals Council, a group of New York-based young professionals who support Trickle Up's work by raising awareness of microfinance amongst New York City's young professionals and students, while simultaneously providing social and networking opportunities. Their three organizing committees include: 

  • Advocacy: Plans educational events focusing on microfinance and Trickle Up.
  • Fundraising: Plans fundraising events and devises other creative and unique fundraising strategies.
  • Outreach: Publicizes YPC initiatives, plans membership outreach and networking events, and helps to grow the YPC network through strategic partnerships.

For more information, or if you'd like to become involved, please email trickleupypc@gmail.com.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Click here to watch how Christine volunteered her time and apartment, holding an art function fundraiser for Trickle Up!


Internship Opportunities:

  • Global Operations Internship

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Internship

  • Program Development & Institutional Partnerships Internship
  • Join Our Community
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