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Photo Essays
What is so Powerful About the Number 5?
What is So Powerful About the Number 5? 

An average of five people benefit for every person who launches a Trickle Up livelihood…  See what this means for our participants!

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Empowering Women Through Skills Training
Skills Training Photo Essay 

What do women in the Trickle Up program have to say when they learn the skills they need to be successful?

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Ever Wondered How Savings Groups Work?
Ever Wonder How Savings Groups Works? 

During her recent trip to India, Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Vice-President of Trickle Up's Program and Strategic Planning, sat in on a savings group meeting, and here is her account...

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Sanaka Sardar: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Sanaka Sardar used to migrate to Kolkata to find wage labor working on road construction. She is a 32 year-old mother of two living in West Bengal, and in order to earn an income, she had to perform backbreaking work while leaving her family behind. With Trickle Up's help, she was able to start new livelihood activities that allowed her to stay with her children and work to create a better future for them.
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Trickle Up Mali: International Day for People with Disabilities
As part of Trickle Up’s Stronger Voices, Sustainable Livelihoods project, Trickle Up participants in Mopti, Mali celebrated the UN-sponsored International Day for People with Disabilities on December 3, 2009.

View the photos of Trickle Up participants who are affected by disabilities organizing and participating in the day’s various activities.

This celebration empowered and increased awareness about Malian people with disabilities.

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The Chocolate Makers of Santa Rosa Chivité: Looking Back on 5 Years of Progress
For generations, the women of Santa Rosa Chivité, an isolated community in the eastern highlands of Guatemala, scraped a living cultivating corn, beans and cacao. Thanks to Trickle Up, they’ve gotten the training and capital needed to create a new line of artisanal chocolate that is now being sold to their neighboring communities and in restaurants located in the nearby city of Cobán.
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Dreams Know No Borders, A Photo Series for Mother's Day
In many parts of the developing world, women have never known what it means to dream of a better life. Their daily struggle lies in trying to provide their children with their next meal. But what if you could help seed a dream for a mother and her children?

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