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A Invitation to Glenn Beck from Bill Abrams, President of Trickle Up
On Wednesday, February 16th, the conservative TV host, Mr. Glenn Beck, oddly dragged Trickle Up into his commentary against Google on his national Fox news show, calling Trickle Up a “leftist” charity. (Click here to watch)

One of the reasons Mr. Beck gave for his personal boycott against Google, aside from his privacy concerns and Google’s relationship with the government,  was that Google has given money to Trickle Up. His criticism stemmed from the fact that Trickle Up is a “recipient of cash from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute.” According to Mr. Beck, that classifies Trickle Up as a “leftist” charity.

We at Trickle Up were shocked to be included in his commentary, as we believe that poverty alleviation transcends politics. If Mr. Beck saw first-hand what we do, we believe he would agree that lifting a woman and her family out of extreme poverty is important to people on both sides of the political aisle, Fox viewers included.

In response, Bill Abrams, President of Trickle Up invited Mr. Beck to a rural village in India to better understand Trickle Up's work

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