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I Have a lot of Dreams ~ A Video Journal by Kathleen Donovan, Trickle Up Board Member
Follow Trickle Up Board member Kathleen Donovan as she walks us through her recent trip to India to witness Trickle Up's program in action:

This past January, I was invited along with my son Michael and other members of the board to visit with some of the women in Trickle Up's India program. We visited a number of different villages in the state of West Bengal such as Cholagora, Ghat and Dikhi.

Being so far from the places Trickle Up works, it's difficult to fully understand the impact we have. Sitting in a board meeting on 6th Avenue in New York City, it's hard to make a connection to these women's lives. Being in India in January and listening to the women tell me how they've transformed their lives through their courage, perseverance and the Trickle Up program, changed that for me.

I could go on about the amazing women I met on my trip, but I'd like to show you rather than tell you.
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