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A Guatemalan woman displays the product of her microenterprise, made possible by a Spark Grant provided by Trickle Up.

Trickle Up Spark Grants are a part of how we help some of the poorest women in the world improve their lives. In the regions where we work—in countries with extensive extreme poverty—the seed capital grants we provide create an opportunity for people living on less than $1.25 a day to start a microenterprise. Most often, the poorest of the poor are comprised of women and people with disabilitieswhich Trickle Up places a particular focus on.

A Trickle Up participant from India smiles as she feeds her goats which she was able to purchase with the help of a Spark Grant.Unlike moderately poor and low-income households living on $2 a day who may be in the financial position to take on the risk of a microloan, the extreme poor cannot assume that risk. They typically spend 80% or more of their money on food, leaving very little to cover the cost of other necessities and emergencies. The burden of paying back even the most modest microloan is a difficult one to bear when chronic malnutrition, poor health, illiteracy, and economic insecurity are a way of life. Additionally, most people living in extreme levels of poverty are not eligible for microloans.

Trickle Up's grants-based approach is key to helping the extreme poor take those first steps toward a more secure and sustainable livelihood. For most of the women we serve, the support we provide is the first opportunity they have ever had to expand their livelihoods and save a portion of their income.

To ensure the sustainability of the microenterprises they launch or expand, Trickle Up also provides participants with skills training and savings support. These supports are critical to Trickle Up's holistic approach to microenterprise development. The Trickle Up Spark Grant, skills training and savings support are valued equally and sequenced in a way that addresses the unique needs and increased vulnerability of the ultra-poor.

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