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The Value of Local Knowledge

A local partner agency staff member meeting with Trickle Up participants in Guatemala.


We partner with local community-based organizations that share our vision, values, and mission. Our partners are the linchpin of our programs, essential to our ability to deliver the Trickle Up Spark Grant, training, and savings support to enable the very poor to create sustainable livelihoods.

Working through our local partners allows us to adapt our program to fit the needs and context of local communities. We work with 30 local organizationsgrassroots and larger national agenciesin some of the poorest countries of the world: India, Guatemala & Nicaragua, and Mali & Burkina Faso.

Often, the partners we select have long been working in poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment, agriculture, or other local community development issues, but have not had the capacity to serve the very poorest people in their communities. Partner staff speak the local language, are familiar with local customs, and have a trusted presence in the villages where we work.

With the training and resources we provide, our partners learn to use locally appropriate poverty selection and assessment tools and provide training to participants to start and sustain their microenterprises. A Trickle Up field office anchors each region, selecting and training staff from community-based partners to implement and monitor Trickle Up’s model, while providing continuous support.

Our partners:

Burkina Faso
Name Acronym Partnership Began
Number of Participants
Area of Focus
Aide Aux Enfants ADEFAD  2008 350 Ouahigouya Education, women, rural development through microenterprise, environmental education, child trafficking, child sponsorship
Alliance Internationale pour le Développement et laSolidarité en Afrique AIDAS  2008 350
North and Centre-West Regions: duZondoma, Passoré provinces Agro-forestry, livestock (production, processing, marketing), human rights (especially women and children)
Association Monde Rural AMR  2008 350 Northern, Center-East, Center-West, Regions: Zondoma, Passoré, Boulgou, Kouritenga, Bulkiendé, Oubritenga Human rights, local governance, environment, sustainable human development, and women's empowerment

Name Acronym Partnership Began
Number of Participants
Area of Focus
Village Self-Rule Association (Gram Swarajya Sansthan) GRSS  1999 200 Paithana, Nalanda District, Bihar Child labor, women's rights, health and family planning, the environment
Lohardaga Village Self-Rule Association (Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan) LGSS  1997 300
Lohardaga, Jharkhand Rural poverty, women's empowerment, children, scheduled castes and tribes, disabled persons, extreme poverty and social  marginalization
Human Development Centre HDC  2006 300 South 24 Parganas, West Bengal Reproductive and child health, education, microfinance
Jamgoria Sevabrata JS 1999
300 Gopalnager, Purulia District, West Bengal Natural resource management, rights and entitlements, livelihoods, scheduled tribes and castes
Self-Employed Workers' Association Kendra SEWAK 2006 300
Orissa Livelihood development, skills training, reproductive and child health, strengthening local self-governance
LOKA 2007
Gadramunda, Nuapada, Orissa Community mobilization, inequality, social justice, tribal rights, and gender equity
Rural Development Agency RDA
West Midnapur District, West Bengal Livelihood and self-help groups, scheduled tribes
Pravah PRA 2011 300 Dumka, Jharkhand Self-help group mobilization, watershed development

Name Acronym Partnership Began
Number of Participants
Area of Focus
Coordinating Association of Organizations of Holistic Development in Alta Verapaz ACODIAV  2008 175 Alta Verapaz Entrepreneurial development, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, handicrafts production, and microenterprise
Association of Cooperation for the Holistic Development of Huehuetenango ACODIHUE  2008 300
Huehuetenango Organizational and value-chain development, technical production and commercialization support, associations and cooperatives
Association of Cooperatives in Huehuetenango ASDECOHUE 2008 100 Huehuetenango Capacity building of local producer organizations, food security, commercialization, value-chain development
FUNDEMI - Talita Kumi FTK 2010
125 Alta Verapaz Dedicated to the development of poor, rural indigenous communities through training and value-chain technical assistance, girls
Fundacion Lachua LCH
Ixcan Environmental protection of the Lachua Laguna and economic development of 55 surrounding communities
ASV 2010

Ixcan Organization of 400 midwives who focus on healthcare and economic development of poor, rural communities of the region

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