Arpita Mandal

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Arpita Mandal

Arpita Mandal lived in extreme poverty until she joined Trickle Up’s program in her community in rural West Bengal, India. Today she owns 18 goats, 50 hens, and an incense business. She saves in a Trickle Up savings group and can afford to send her children to school. “Everything is going in a good direction,” she says.



Sundarbans, West Bengal, India
“My dream is to have land of my own with a pond where I can cultivate fish. And my children can have a permanent home.
Before, we faced so many problems. Eating two meals a day was something we could never even dream of. Our children’s education was out of the question. We used to live on the other side of the river but a flood destroyed everything.
First, the Trickle Up people came and sat with us. They explained about forming a group. Then, they gave us 9,000 rupees.
I had two goats, so I bought two more. I also bought ten hens. The training they gave us was very detailed. We learned how diarrhea and cholera can affect the animals and how to solve these issues. My animals have multiplied to 18 goats and 50 hens.
I have started saving. I’ve saved 15,000 rupees. I have learned about banking and being independent. My group invests in different things. Today, most of my income is from my incense business.
I’ve learned to face problems on my own. My children are going to school now. So everything is going in a good direction. I want to develop myself more. So keep me in your prayers, and one day I can succeed in life.”