Moving Forward

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Moving Forward

In the Yucatan peninsula, Trickle Up has been working with local NGO Ko’ox Taani to apply the Graduation Approach in helping families like Wilma’s lift themselves out of extreme poverty. It's partnerships like this that make Trickle Up’s program successful.



Bill Abrams, President, Trickle Up: Trickle Up's local partners are the linchpin to our success. They are really the delivery mechanism for the Trickle Up approach.
Efrain Tecu, Program Director, Trickle Up (In Spanish): We start with the vision of the partner organization to see if they are aligned with Trickle Up's Vision.
Maria Elisa Chavarrea, Evaluation Coordinator, Ko'ox Taani (In Spanish): Ko'ox Taani works with families in extreme poverty applying the Graduation Approach.
Manuel Rabasa Guevara, Coordinator, Yucatan, Ko'ox Taani (In Spanish): We have an excellent relationship collaborating with Trickle Up. They are constantly reviewing everything we do, how we are applying the tools of the Graduation approach.
Maria Elisa: How to monitor and measure the families progress, how to apply the seed capital, how to advise the savings groups, these are the ways Trickle Up helps us.
Manuel: I believe it works both ways. The other part of the relationship is what Trickle Up is learning about implementing a program like this especially in the Yucatan peninsula. Ko'ox Taani means "moving forward" in Mayan.
Bill: The progress that Ko'ox Taani has made in Yucatan in just 2 years has been very impressive.
Evelyn Stark, Financial Inclusion Lead, Metlife Foundation: We depend on our partnerships with non for profits, like Trickle Up because they’re the ones on the ground. and then we look at, are they able to make partnerships with local governments, with other local non for profits to really ensure this project is holistic, long term and will be sustainable.
Bill: It's the right way to do this work. Everywhere we have been successful it's because we've had great partners who share our mission, who bring all of their knowledge and skills to the table and we work together.