Trickle Up Video


With her seed capital, Wilma Teresa Chi Santiago from Yucatan, Mexico, started beekeeping and making honey to sell in nearby communities. She continues to grow with plans to expand from her original seven bee colonies. “This is such a big opportunity. I will not waste it.”



Wilma Teresa Chi Santiago, Cisteil, Yaxcaba, Yucatan:
I have learned so much about beekeeping.
When to feed them, how to keep away the ants that try to eat the hives.
I learned how to chase the bees away with smoke, and how to open the hives.
When it’s cloudy, you shouldn't open the hives, because the bees get angry and sting you.
I have been stung many times but I don't mind.
I've been very happy with my original seven colonies. Now I want to grow, and have even more.
Thanks to the program training my character has changed.
To me, wealth means having a home. It means having three meals a day.
This is such a big opportunity. I will not waste it.